What you need Is what we provide.

We pride ourselves on our experienced professional understanding of both customer needs and equipments – ensuring your elevator is kept running with high efficiency throughout its lifetime.

Professional Staff for Your Convinient.

Boost your elevator’s reliability, efficiency, comfort, and appearance – with our professional staff of engineers and technicians, and bring it in line with the latest safety and accessibility standards – with our modern solutions for all needs and budgets...

Ensuring Safety

Safety involves everyone from technology and maintenance service providers to building owners and elevators users. We have certain safety policies, processes, and guidelines in place to enable that our activities (Installation, Modrenization and Maintenance), including partners operations, are organized and conducted in a structured and harmonized way.

Design of your elevator

Design of your elevator is not our task alone, our customer has a big role in designing his own unit, we will provide you with all the details about our offered components, advantages and disadvantages of each choice, share with you every detail, get your approval for every component, tell you what we recommend.

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18 Years Of Successful Approach

Due to the continuous improvements in our human resources and company structure, our sales are increasing year by year which reflects a good market position and confident steps.






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Our New Product

EMF Motor

·        SQML100 630 kg, 1 m/s, 240x6x6.5 mm rope, 17 A, 4.2 kW, 2:1, 380 V

·        SQML132 480 kg, 1 m/s, 240x9x6.5 mm rope, 11,5 A, 3.4 kW, 1:1, 380 V

·        SQML132 800 kg, 1 m/s, 240x7x6.5 mm rope, 16,7 A, 5.3 kW, 2:1, 380 V

·        SQML200 1250 kg, 2:1, 1 m/s, 320x8x8 mm rope, 24 A, 380V, Intorque brake, ECN1313 endat, 88 poles,

·        SQML73 450 kg, 2:1, 0,5 m/s, 380 V,

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